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New books empower children to excel at English and Maths.

Yes, learning can be fun!

Snow Tiger Media’s ‘Winning @ Education’ series reaches out to children as young as three, to help them hit their academic milestones and develop lifelong confidence. With books currently published on the subjects of english and maths, Snow Tiger Media is passionate about making learning engaging and fun.








United Kingdom – The world of education and learning has evolved rapidly since the pandemic, with youngsters now needing to engage in different ways, particularly when it comes to the “new normal” of learning from home.


It’s something the team at Snow Tiger Media is excited about, as they announce a range of books that reaches out to young children, to help them prepare for a life of academic and personal success.


Synopsis of the ‘Winning @ Education’ series:


The Winning@ range is designed to help your child develop a love of learning from as young as 3 years old. The fun activities help children achieve their academic milestones and build their confidence. There are different objectives highlighted on every page to trace their progress and encourage children to work independently. These fun activity books will help increase confidence, be independent and love leaning.


“We meld learning with stunning illustrations, to add a new dimension to education, and ultimately make it fun,” explains Maryan. “We want children to keep up, top up and catch up as pandemic restrictions continue, and the entire world of learning has been turned on its head. The books are designed to be fun, and we hope they’re incredibly useful, too.”


Continuing, “We have more volumes in production, and are very excited about expanding the series. There’s so much for young children to learn, and books provide the perfect vehicle for them to gain knowledge, skills and life experience. We’re so excited to see where the series goes next!”


All volumes in the series are available from 12th April 2021, from the publisher’s website:

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