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Bespoke books of children's writing.

Would you like to get your school engaged with literacy?

Then why not turn your pupils into published authors!

We publish pupils’ work and create beautiful and unique books for your school and its community.


We at Snow Tiger Media design and publish Books of Children’s Writing and specialise in publishing books by school children.
This is a unique opportunity to transform your pupils into real-life authors.
This is an exciting and proven way to get any child enthused about their creative writing.


Whether it’s a few words or a few pages, encourage as many pupils as possible to take part. Any form of writing is welcome, whether it’s a story, poem, non-fiction piece, autobiography, letter, or it could be a special set writing project for this publication – it’s up to you. It could be handwritten or typed. Stories can be illustrated with the children’s drawings, which are carefully reproduced. Chosen by teachers and students to showcase the imagination, progression and development.


• Motivates children to engage with literature.

• Supports your school’s writing legacy.

• A charming keepsake to treasure.

We will design and publish your school’s bespoke book.

Each edition produced is unique to your school, designed with the school’s colours, emblems and branding to showcasing the excellence of the work undertaken by your staff and pupils.


These publications have been given as a parting gift to year 6 primary students. Some schools have managed to get each year group to submit their writing and these titles are a unique record of achievement.


Others create a book to sell at their seasonal fêtes or a book fair, the price is as little as £4.13 per book
(inc. design & printing) and you will earn on every copy sold. It is possible to achieve sponsorship and have the publication co-branded. Thus, making production completely free for your school and if sold,
a lucrative fund raiser. Especially if producing a larger book with all pupils featured.

For the best results use our downloadable worksheets and photocopy for each pupil.




Start your book today! For more information call 07730614127 or email

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